A million satisfied guests

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Often, when we leave home to discover other places, other cultures, new people and different gastronomy, we’re ready to sacrifice certain aspects in exchange for the new experiences we’re going to reap. When traveling, however, theres something we always want to be assured of, and that is a good, comfortable, safe place to wind down and get the most out of our days of fun or work.

Half a million rooms ready for nearly a million guests a year, cared for by 600 ACCIONA Service staff in 30 hotels in four countries. These are the impressive figures behind the company’s work as a supplier of auxiliary services in the hotel sector.

Whether its servicing rooms or reception duties, catering, cleaning or repairs and maintenance, hotel owners and managers are increasingly tendering out auxiliary services. Over 30% of staff in hotels are estimated to belong to outside companies and this percentage is predicted to double in the next five years at an increase of 10-15% a year. Auxiliary services depend not only on the relationship with the direct client, however, but also the satisfaction of the guest paying for the stay.

What is a hotel looking at when it considers outsourcing services that could ultimately determine the success of its business? Emilio Arce, general manager of ACCIONA Facility Services, explains:  “It is not the same as servicing an office or a factory. In a hotel, it’s not just the commercial client (the owner or manager of the hotel or chain) who must be satisfied; the guest must enjoy the services he or she is receiving as part of the stay.”

The secret is total service

ACCIONA Service, which has over 30 clients in the hotel sector in Spain, Portugal and Qatar, believes in specialization, offering the full range of services, continuous training, and, above all, end user satisfaction as being essential in its business model. For this, it   offers to manage auxiliary services for hotels as a single supplier and in an integrated way, whether that be cleaning, waiting on, porters, catering, pool attendants, gardening, technical maintenance, security, energy efficiency, waste management, laundry or shows and  events.

 ‘Tailor-measured’ hospitality for the customer

The first thing ACCIONA does when it starts work at an establishment is to perform a detailed analysis of the hotel’s features (location, category, target public, distribution and size of rooms, rotas, etc.). Data in hand, it tailor- makes measures to allow the hotel to optimize costs by standardizing activities and simplifying processes, eliminating ‘dead time’, planning purchases and improving inventory efficiencies.

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