“Before the Earth was created, everything was Water”

At the foot of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, protected by the highest coastal mountain range in the world, the Wiwa community of Seyamake live rooted in its surroundings like any other natural element. From its origins, this tribe of the municipality of Dibulla in northern Colombia understands the relationship it has with its habitat, through symbolism, ancestral rites and the worship of what it believes to be sacred.

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Into the future with composites

We are walking through an unending labyrinth of streets flanked by hundreds of buildings crammed around us. They are towers over 30 meters high – 10 or 11 stories – protecting us thankfully from the sun’s suffocating heat. No, we are not in the Chicago Loop, nor the Hong Kong quarter of Tsim Sha Tsui or San Francisco Financial District. We are in Manhattan, but not that Manhattan. This is Shibam in Yemen, the Manhattan of the desert, and these skyscrapers were erected 1,700 years ago.

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