Lighting up the present to prosper in the future

“As the sun dies in the hills

And the agonizing light,

I know a new light will come

And relieve our solitude”

When the Oaxacan violinist Macedonio Alcalá and the lyricist Javier Gonzales composed the Mexican waltz God Never Dies in 1968, little could they have imagined how prophetic their verses would prove to be. As the years passed, their hymn became the de facto anthem of Oaxaca state.

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Discovering ‘The Living Forest’ with camera traps

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When, in 1943, Wenceslao Fernández Flórez published The Living Forest, a literary work full of naturalist symbolism, he presented a fantastical novel to the world where the omniscient narrator was the daily witness to the lives of the residents of Fraga de Cecebre forest in Galicia. Using his privileged position, Fernández Flórez showed us wildlife from a uniquely human perspective.



Restoring the past

The first thing you notice when entering the remodeled National Archaeological Museum (MAN, for its acronym in Spanish) is the light. A permanent brilliance inundates the enormous hall, with every detail bathed in bright light, right into the corners. Once the eyes have got used to this agreeable sensation of brightness, within a few seconds one becomes aware of the harmonious coexistence of polished steel, natural stone and precious wood making up the interior. The smell, feel and conspicuous silence have the effect of inhibiting even our breathing, as we strive to disturb the eternal rest of the history contained between these walls. Continue reading

Bringing the coast back to life

Few people know that the district of Chorrillos, one of 43 which make up the Peruvian province of Lima, owes its name to underground currents of freshwater that flow through the city’s drains and out to Agua Dulce beach, one of the best known resorts in the metropolis. Less well known perhaps is the story that the Spanish Viceroy, the Count of Lemos, on arriving in the New World, made the area his favorite destination in 1679, precisely due to the insuperable quality of its water. Continue reading “Bringing the coast back to life”