Meeting the challenge of storing renewable energy

When October arrives, the inhabitants of the Pyrenees prepare for winter. In picturesque villages you might otherwise find decorating a Christmas card, farmers in this natural border region, between the Iberian Peninsula and continental Europe, store wood in below-zero temperatures, while small animals have already accumulated quite a summer harvest in their burrows to survive the long, cold months ahead without going hungry.

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Guardians of an ancient treasure

There is a story of an Arab Sultan who hid a priceless treasure during the Christian siege of Almeria. The city, founded by Abd-ar-Rahman III in 955 AD, was in its last days as the Muslim territory Al-Andalus before surrendering to the Castile crown in 1489. As legend has it, the Governor hid his precious jewels in an underwater cave at Cabo de Gata, so that they would not fall into the enemy’s hands and he could recover them later, while mounting an offensive to retake the town. The Sultan died, however, without fulfilling his goal or revealing the exact location of the valuable haul. As such, the treasure remains undiscovered today, buried beneath the earth… or maybe not.

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